The Dark Tear

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Evil Demon Orcs.. or something

5 gnolls
3 dead in the first round
2 left – surrendered whilst wetting themselves
Karawyn snuck off, got smacked
black orc-y dude in armor sent them
starting to snow

2 days Surbarin Hills

Mornbryn’s Shield
2 cure serious healing potions 50gp each

get six hours beyond, set up camp
it starts to to snow blizzard conditions
slogging through snow

3 days to get to Nesme, where we will ford the river to get to the other side of the river from the Evermoors
3 cure light wounds potions 35 gp
too late to take the ferry across
21 silver for 3 rooms
a paladin of Duncan’s order: the broken blades is present (Tristan)
guy at the bar, stood up, looked at us, glided out
black robes with blue runes

Duncan had been waiting at Citadel Felbarr, headed south to meet us with six other dwarves of the order tristan is being sent south to set things straight with/in Waterdeep

we Send a message to Duncan: heading to Felbarr, where the fuck are you?

Ride to Rivermoot in a day

News from the north (from other travelers):
orc attacks on caravans from Nesme to Wolmad’s Camp (right on our route)

“inn” dwarves partying again 8 silver apiece for 2 rooms
buy two draft horses and a cart to draw attack upon us

Another day to High Hold
room at the inn

Off the northern road, skipping over the fortress of the Herald’s Holdfast, and heading for the citadel
The first night on the road, we’re disturbed by a quintet of orcs (Karawyn’s watch). I fire a ‘warning shot’, kill one, the rest flee

second night on the road (full moon)
woken by a loud crash during Karawyn’s watch
Duncan lands in our camp, chained and bound
he still has all of his equipment, but he’s cut and bleeding all over, beaten and broken we pour potions down his throat, but he’s on the edge of exhaustion.

“It’s a trap, they’re leading them right to you.”

Karawyn goes all ratty
attacked by winter wolves
arwen, karawyn and I dropped one first
shanrani took two on, dropped one quickly thereafter
daelric took a third and made it burst into flames
the last was downed between my arrows, shanrani’s axe and daelric’s fists

big ole gleamy bit on the last winter wolf: a collar with the word “Verschwang” in Giant Amulet +5 AC can blur on command (to Shanrani)

5 giants 2 winter wolves attack

fireballs (2) go off
daelric, shanrani and karawyn took the brunt of the giants’ attack, and while we took three down and the two wolves, daelric was forced to retreat momentarily while shanrani advanced to draw their attack

Big fricking orc in big ass black armor makes him look like a demon captured Duncan, dragged him past the giants who’d been making the ‘orc’ attacks and led them straight to us. Fucker.

Head for Citadel Felbarr 3 more days
see a black speck shadowing us

3 days researching in the Citadel Felbarr library
The Tear is a portion of Lolth’s essence.
It was placed in the temple because the priests of Corellon Larethian feared that 1: if Lolth got it back, she’d be a greater goddess again, 2: there is no way to destroy it and 3: another entity could use it to strengthen themselves.

We figure Lord Durlane didn’t summon demons – he summoned devils, He’s looking not to strengthen himself, but to weaken an enemy. We can’t be quite sure who he’s working for exactly, but it’s bad.

The first city of the dwarves is supposed to be around here somewhere, lost underground.


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